Welcome to Curtis Pond

Board of Directors

Lauren Huggins

Jim Morehead

Gina Watson

Laurette Tupper


To contact the Board: board@curtispond.net

Pond News and Events 2019

Pool Opening May 4th and Closing September 29th - more information to follow.

Monthly Board Meeting at Pool House

The Curtis Pond Board of Directors typically meet on the second Monday of every month for their meetings, and meet at the community pool. The meeting is open to all homeowners during the Open Forum, which is usually the first 15 to 30 minutes of the meeting. If you plan on attending, please contact Cedar Mgt. Group (supportmycmg.com) or the Board directly (board@curtispondhoa.com) or use the “Contact Us” page to be placed on the Agenda. Please send your name, address, and discussion topic. Thank you